Panda dbreach cyber threat remediation service

Don’t Let A Breach Shut You Down

Remediate Your Compromised Environment

30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Detection And Automated Response

For malware and malware-less attacks under a single endpoint sensor that automates the remediation process and removes all malicious traces.

100% Malware Eradication

For all types of threats including Advanced and Persistent attacks, rootkits and the unknown.

Expert Analysis And Forensics

Led by Panda security’s dedicated team of threat analysts.

Protection Against Future Threats

We can remediate your environment, so you don’t have to deal with the long-term effects of the incident and help you implement a new security strategy to prevent a breach from happening again.
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Get Back To Business As Usual

Panda dbreach is a cybersecurity attack Remediation Service powered by Panda Security’s Endpoint Detection and Response technology and our team of expert analysts. A lightweight sensor deployed to the corporate devices provides a holistic environment compromise assessment and fully automates the delivery of the fastest and most efficient remediation strategy.

Fast Turnaround

We’ll have you back up and running and your environment fully remediated at an industry leading speed.

Unmatched Results

Unlike the other guys, we can completely automate the process of restoring your ability to operate within your network providing a hands-off process for you.

Money Back Guarantee

If you experience any issues related to the remediation or your environment is compromised after 30 days, we’ll refund your money.

Security Assessment

We’ll provide a detailed report outlining immediate threats, gaps in your cybersecurity plan and future issues that put you at risk of another breach.

Trusted Technology

Our solutions come with 100% virus detection rates, OPSWAT certification, Common Criteria certification and one of the highest scores in the Gartner Magic Quadrant and NSS Labs evaluation.

Protect Against Future Threats

If you’ve experienced a breach, then there are vulnerabilities in your security plan. We can address the weaknesses and implement a solution to keep you breach proof.

Be Breach Proof

Remediation of your environment is just the start. Once your network is restored, you’ll need to begin the process of either replacing your current cybersecurity solution or implementing an additional solution to protect against the advanced malware that made it into your system.

Capture from Panda’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution

The answer to both scenarios? Adaptive Defense, Panda’s Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) solution. Adaptive Defense can work in conjunction with your current endpoint solution, avoiding a rip and replace, or it can act as a holistic solution covering both your endpoint and EDR protection requirements.

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Proven Results

This is our 12th inclusion in the Magic Quadrant report. We believe this is further proof that we keep delivering on our mission to provide maximum protection with transparency and simplicity. Panda has led some of the most important trends in the market, with our cloud-native, integrated approach of EPP, EDR capabilities and we will continue working to drive the next wave of innovation, bringing highly automated analytics to protect against the newest threats with flexibility and usability, at an unparalleled TCO
Juan Santamaria
CEO of Panda Security
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Remediate Your Compromised Environment


Their organizations are more resilient to today’s cyber-attacks. They are protected, save time and effort, and gain total endpoint visibility.

Our Suite Of Solutions Guarantee You Won’t Be Compromised Again

Panda Endpoint Protection

Advanced cybersecurity to counter malware that protects all of your endpoints from a centralized platform, including laptops, smartphones and Windows, Mac and Linux computers and servers.

100% Detection Rates
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Panda dbreach

A lightweight sensor deployed to the corporate devices provides an holistic environment compromise assessment and fully automates the delivery of the fastest and most efficient remediation strategy.

100% Remediation Guarantee
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Panda Adaptive Defense

Monitors, collects and categorizes 100% of active processes on all endpoints provides highly detailed visibility of all endpoint activity, absolute control of all running processes, and the reduction of the attack surface.

100% Classification Of Processes
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